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5 Unstoppable Metaverse Stocks to Buy in 2022

Key Points Nvidia and Meta Platforms are already investing heavily in the metaverse. Developers are likely to rely on tools from Unity and Adobe to build metaverse content. Matterport stands out as a small company that could be a big

Buffett stays buoyant as Bitcoin plummets

As a value investor, Warren Buffett loves to buy quality assets on the cheap. But there’s one beaten-down asset he won’t be picking up anytime soon: Bitcoin. The price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency dropped more than 35% over the

What Lies Ahead for Bitcoin (BTC) and the Crypto Market

The crypto market has been on the back foot since November. For Bitcoin (BTC) and a number of other majors, including Ethereum (ETH), the pullback comes after having struck new all-time highs in late 2021. Bitcoin (BTC) and Key Crypto

Crypto Diehards Are About to Find Out If It Really Was a Bubble

(Bloomberg) — To cryptocurrency true believers, Bitcoin is the ultimate store of value, the most solid hedge against the rampant inflation manufactured by reckless central banks and their money-printing. To skeptics, the crypto world as a whole is a mirage

Alibaba Stock Is on a Tear. Here Are 5 Reasons Investors Are Buying the Dip.

Alibaba shares have had an excellent week because the stock looks cheap and investors are buying the big dip. After losing almost 50% of its value in 2021—amid intensifying regulatory pressures and concerns around slowing growth—shares in the Chinese tech giant have climbed more

Why It’s Time to Invest in Commodities, and How to Do It

Commodities are rarely exciting—and the price of copper, corn, or even oil doesn’t stir investors the way a tweet from Elon Musk does. Yet commodities sit at the crossroads of three of today’s biggest investment themes—rising inflation, a changing China,

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