Our Story

Brachium Way

The name of the ITB brokerage is derived from the name of the Brachium star; The star Brachium is a part of the Libra constellation, which is in the shape of a scale and is known as a symbol of justice in the world. In ancient times, the lighthouse of Alexandria and its light were likened to the Brachium star, and this star has always been a symbol of guidance for people and ships. We always try to be inspired by the star of Brachium and like the lighthouse of Alexandria, to be able to play the role of leader and guide for all those interested in the forex industry by creating justice.
To start a new path, it is enough to find your Brachium star to achieve your goals in a fair environment, with the best guidance and support.



In the international financial markets, due to the weakness of brokers in providing optimal services and with the aim of building a broker with a transparent and professional mechanism, the initial idea of ITB broker was created.


The initial release of ITB broker to professional traders and showing interest in services, forced ITB to prepare to enter international markets, and in the first step, European countries were chosen as the target, which was welcomed by clients.


After extensive studies and understanding the needs of traders, the Middle East and MENA region was selected as the second target market of ITB.


Increasing the quality of services and adding Copy Trade and PAMM accounts, as well as aiming to become the best forex broker in the Middle East.


Development of markets in Southeast Asia and Central Asia


Decentralization of the forex market by Block chain technology