The Refer a Friend Program

In the scheme to make money from IB Plan, you can earn money for introducing traders to ITB broker and for them achieving a certain amount of trade volume. This income is not dependent on the profit and loss of the traders introduced by you and is only dependent on their trading volume. You can look at this income as a passive income in dollars. The method of calculating this table and deposits is weekly. As soon as you register in the ITB broker as IB, you will be given a panel and a personal link so that you can clearly see the amount of trade of each of your subcategories. Also, if you earn enough points, you can provide additional services such as charging and withdrawal for your subcategories.

LevelWeekly ConditionsNano & StandardClassic ECN
Volume FromMinimum Active ClientNew Funded User($/lot)($/lot)
Uranus 50--3
Saturn 90--4
Jupiter 125--5
Mars 1601-6
Earth 2252-7
Venus 3003-8
Mercury 375419
Sun 5005210

The calculation of this table is weekly and the deposits are monthly.

From the "Mars" stage onwards, in addition to the volume of transactions, the number of traders in the subset is also important, and if one of the conditions is not met, the reward will be calculated based on the previous stage. For example, if your trading volume is 230 lots per week (i.e. in the "Earth" phase) but only has one subcategory, your reward will be calculated as the "Mars" phase.

From the "Mercury" stage, in addition to the volume and number of active traders of the subcategory, adding a new trader is also included in the conditions for receiving bonuses.


For example, a person with 2 subgroups (earth phase) may have 300 lots of trading volume (Venus phase). This person's reward will be calculated according to the earth phase.

One of the attractive benefits of being a member of ITB broker as a referrer and partner is that this program is pyramidal, if you introduce an IB instead of a trader, you will receive 10% of that IB's income as a permanent bonus. You receive continuously, now if that IB also introduces another IB, you will also receive 5% of the income of the new IB as a permanent and continuous bonus. (10% of first IB income and 5% of second IB income)For more information and to receive the details of the Refer plan, contact the following email.