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What is pivot point ? How it works in forex?

Pivot Points or price turning points are one of the technical analysis tools in the financial markets, which have a great impact on the trading process of users.

These points actually represent the conditions where market sentiments and trends are such that they can cause reciprocal changes in price trends and change from upward to downward or vice versa.

In forex trading, pivot points can be used as resistance and support levels and consider these trends in your trading process or consider these points as profit and loss limits so as to avoid major losses in trading .

By using the Fibonacci tool in forex, you can see different levels of retracements or corrections, and based on these lines, you can form trading strategies and prevent huge losses.

How to use pivot point calculator?

To use the ITB Pivot calculator, just enter the following four price indicators into the calculator using the time frame , so that based on this information, the calculator will provide users with different levels.

  • The highest price level
  • The lowest price level
  • The last price of the closed candle based on the selected time frame
  • Price at the current moment

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