Choose your Suitable account

Selecting the type of account for trading is one of the most important decisions in the field of forex and trading. For this purpose, we at ITB broker have considered three types of accounts for you, so based on the amount of capital, the type of spread, the variety of symbols you are able to make your account. after selecting any account, you can decide to operate in its demo or real account.


Nano Account: The initial deposit amount of this account is the lowest compared to the other two accounts, and that is why this account is more suitable for people who plan to enter the market with a small amount of capital.

Standard account: This account is more suitable for people who have just started trading in forex. There are a variety of fixed and floating spreads in this account. (symbols of currency pairs and metals have a fixed spread and symbols of cryptocurrencies and indices have a floating spread) Also, a limited number of company stock symbols are provided in this account.

Classic account: ECN This type of account is suitable for people who have trading experience in the forex market. The largest variety of symbols along with the floating spread and unlimited number of open orders are the main features of this account. pick the one that suits you best.